Industry and IoT solutions

Industry 4.0 is the next step for the Industry. It’s a trend of automation in manufacturing technologies. A big part of it is the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and computing of Big Data.

The ideal situation is the smart factory. It helps you to monitor all asset. Maintenance is going to be easier and predictable. Big data can help to find out which supplier of spare parts is better or to proof the maintenance cycle of a machine has been done. All maintenance tasks can be scheduled and supervised decentralized and in real-time.

There is no limitation to monitoring machines. Sensors can produce data about noise, vibration, temperature and much more.



Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere now. You can connect your product to the digital world. Controlling the light or temperature in your house is just the beginning. Is it your product producing interesting data? Maybe your client would like to see this data in a mobile application on his phone.

There are no limitations in IoT. Maybe your product would be more advanced compared to your competitor? We can help you to make this possible.