Meetu is a global business meeting platform based on common interest and radius. Users can promote their business or interest by creating unique meetings or choose to join meetings created by other users with the same interest. Users of MeetU have to register using their mobile number or the facebook account. They have to insert their personal information and their interests. Using the GPS function of the mobile phone MeetU automatically shows you user with the same interest in your area. Consequently, you can suggest to meet people with your interests and create events. The user has, of course, the choice to join or to reject a meeting or an event. Finally, the app has a chat section where you can send messages to individual contacts or a group of people. Technical data:

  • iOS and Android platforms (Compatible with tablets)
  • Login (Facebook and Custom)
  • Server side: Framework : Codeigniter, Custom API, Token authorization system for API, PHP 5+, API console with sandbox interface for frontend developers (iOS and Android)
  • Realtime chat
  • Google map integration for location
  • GPS : Realtime user location tracking (option provided to user)
  • Realtime data synchronization with server
  • Apple push notification (iOS) + GCM notification (Android)