HolyXplore is spiritual travel for the digital age. This mobile application allows you to have your entire travel experience in the palm of your hand – completely offline. As a complement to what’s happening on the web site, you can have this information with you before your departure. Everything from your itinerary to meditations and documents is in one place for you to see and learn. During your trip, this app serves as the main platform for capturing your memories. It’s easy to capture photos and videos, which are tagged to the site that you are located at. Whatever you capture during your trip is automatically synced and uploaded to HolyXplore’s secure servers, and you’re able to share it with your group and followers. In case anything happens to your device, your memories are safe in the cloud. Once the trip is over, HolyXplore creates memory outputs for you, such as photo books and more. The main concept of HolyXplore App is to store all the information locally. The app syncs a large data set of the travel tour for offline use. Once the app detects Wi-Fi, it automatically synchronizes the data with the server. There is also the option to synchronize manually. The app records audio, pictures & text and sync them to the server only once Wi-Fi connection is detected. The socket connection is used with a great efficiency and speed allowing a lightening flow of data between the database and the app when Wi-Fi connection is available. The large data set with complex relationships are stored in a very efficient database. UI/UX of the application is made to optimize space and functionality.