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Our Mission

We want our clients to always be 100% satisfied by the quality and efficiency of our service. Our portfolio is focused on you, and what you need to be successful in achieving your own goals. We create high quality and modern web and app solutions to effectively develop your business. Your business is unique, your website or app should be, too. Therefore, our services are tailored specifically for your business needs.

  • 100% commitment

  • Cost effective solution

  • High quality support

  • Experienced team

Happy Clients

What People Say About Us

  • Working with PEGOTEC means first and foremostly that what you want to get done, get’s done! The service is professional at all times and the responses are quick. We’ve been extremely happy with the work they have done on our website and on our newsletters and think they both look amazing..

    Christian Wagner CAEP Project
  • PEGOTEC is a high level web and app development agency that I have been working with closely over more than one year. The development process was carefully managed and painstakingly executed. The team were very quick to respond to feedback and quietly industrious throughout the process. Working remotely was smooth and reliable.

    Gerald C. Lopez Bright Lab
  • The PEGOTEC team is creative, competent, experienced, and committed when it comes to mobile application development, with particularly deep expertise on the Apple iOS platform. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a frustration free development process.

    Stephen Morrison Empower Sound

History Of Our Company

Let Us Tell You Our Story

The first team in Nepal got launched by PegoTec as a joint venture between two companies.

The first office in Germany was established.

The Philippines office opened.

The Cambodia office opend it’s doors.

PegoTec goes Singapore and opened his headquarter there.

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